Episode 1 of the Curious C*nt is now available to stream on my Patreon page!

In this episode, Erika Susana Briones shares about her life, healing from sexual trauma, and how she helps others do the same. She shares her wisdom, sexual expression, and the importance of having a safe sex talk with your kids. We talk about sex education, awareness surrounding sexual health, and simple tools to enhance the human connection.

Our language is direct and NSFW. Use discretion around your kids (or at least, be willing to have a conversation with them afterwards!).

Here’s a clip to give you a little intro into Erika’s work:

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This video explains a little better what my podcast is about and what Patreon is:

You can connect with Erika here:

Website: www.sexysoulmatrix.org
SnapChat: SexySoulMatrix (where she gives a daily sex tip!)
Instagram: SexySoulMatrix

SexySoul Ladies (FB group for girls only): https://m.facebook.com/groups/1732540000356234?ref=bookmarks

SexySoulMatrix (FB group for all genders):


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