Curious C*nt Podcast – Ep1: Tantra, Healing, & Sacred Sex

Episode 1 of the Curious C*nt is now available to stream on my Patreon page!

In this episode, Erika Susana Briones shares about her life, healing from sexual trauma, and how she helps others do the same. She shares her wisdom, sexual expression, and the importance of having a safe sex talk with your kids. We talk about sex education, awareness surrounding sexual health, and simple tools to enhance the human connection.

Our language is direct and NSFW. Use discretion around your kids (or at least, be willing to have a conversation with them afterward!).

Here’s a clip to give you a little intro into Erika’s work: Click here to stream the rest of this episode. 

You can connect with Erika here: Website:

SnapChat: SexySoulMatrix (where she gives a daily sex tip!)
Instagram: SexySoulMatrix SexySoul Ladies (FB group for girls only):

SexySoulMatrix (FB group for all genders):
Curious C*nt Podcast – Ep2: Menstruation (Moon Cycles), Astrology, & Sacred Nudity

Episode 2 of the Curious C*nt is now available to stream on my Patreon pageSabrina Ourania is an international women’s retreat leader, yoga teacher, shamanic astrologer, and creator of Goddess Alchemist (website launching this week!).

In this episode, Sabrina and I talk about her coaching work with women which includes working with astrology, goddess archetypes, and moon cycles (menstruation). She shares her about life, practices, and how she began to consume her menstrual blood as a healing practice!

We also talk a little bit about her views and philosophies on astrology, her recent nude road trip, and many other interesting topics!

Here are the first 8 minutes of the podcast to give you a little taste:

You can also connect with and learn more about Sabrina here:



Curious C*nt Podcast – Ep3: Spirituality, Relationships, & Sacred Masculinity

Episode 3 of the Curious C*nt is now available to stream on my Patreon page!

In this episode, Justin Blackburn and I chat about a lot of different, unconventional thoughts on spirituality. We also discuss intimacy, porn, conscious relationships, emotions from a male perspective, and sacred masculinity.

This was such a fun conversation with an aware, awake, but a super down-to-earth guy. I love connecting with fellow writers and seekers. If you or someone you know would be a good fit for my podcast, shoot me a message!

Here’s a clip of the episode where Justin reads an excerpt from his novel “The Bisexual Christian Suburban Failure Enlightening Bipolar Blues”:

Click here to stream the rest of this episode. On the right, click “Become a Patron.”

You can connect with Justin here:


Curious C*nt Podcast – Ep 4: Sex, Orgasms, & Sacred Pleasure
Hello, my curious loves!
Last week, I had the honor of talking to fellow sex coach Deva Logan (pronounced like a diva!) and we had the best candid, vulgar, enlightening conversation about her work, spiritual & personal growth, taking your orgasms back, and empowering others in their personal sexual journeys. Among, many other things!
Deva is a sex positive, dating, love, and relationship coach who helps people embrace their freedom! She works with men and women, helping them use sex and love as an avenue to trigger life changes!
Listen to a clip of our conversation:
Click here to stream the rest of this episode. On the right, click “Become a Patron.”
Connect with Deva:


As survivors of abuse, Deva and I have also started a Facebook group for women who are in abusive relationships or who are out and not only surviving but THRIVING! Join us at The Surviving and Thriving Sisterhood.

Resources talked about in the show:

The History of Sex = documentary on sex
Movie – The Kama Sutra
Memoirs of a Geisha

This video explains a little better what my podcast is about and what Patreon is:

Curious C*nt Podcast – Ep 5: Making Money Online: From Cam Girl to Business Badass

Cassie Howard is a business consultant for badass women entrepreneurs and one of my personal business idols. She gives no fucks, is consistently engaging on social media, and she makes a fuckton of money doing it. Cassie is not shy about anything, much less her introduction into the online business through being a cam girl.

To give you a little peek into Cassie’s world, one of her most recent emails was entitled: “Everything I know about business, I learned from porn.” She makes bold statements like this frequently and has the knowledge to back up her bait!

Listen to my interview with her here:

Connect with Cassie:
Facebook Group: Babes in Business –

Curious C*nt Podcast – Ep 6: Religion & Sex: Moving from Certainty to Doubt

Last December, I spoke at an event hosted by PechaKucha Pensacola. The theme was “Altered Outlooks” and I was invited to share my opinions on sex & swearing. As you can imagine, all the other presenters left me wide-eyed and intrigued, but one man left me particularly curious.


Scott Grantland touched me with his honest and vulnerable story about his decision to leave the Methodist Church as a minister. I appreciated his child-like, inquisitive nature, while still holding reverence and respect for his religion. He offered a persuasive argument for holding a place for doubt in his beliefs.

I invited Scott to be on my podcast and so I had the pleasure of sitting down with him a couple weeks ago to chat about religion, sex, porn, doubt, questioning authority, and lots of other fun stuff. Nothing is spared and nothing is sacred in this interview about religion & sex. Actually, just kidding. We’re super respectful, but also wax philosophical.

This was the first and only interview so far that I’ve done in person. I feel much more relaxed and comfortable interviewing someone in person than over the phone. I wonder why! In all, though. this chat with Scott was one of my favorite interviews so far. I’d love to hear your opinion on all of the juicy tidbits we talk about!

Check out the full episode here: And if you like it, I’d be honored if you become a patron. For something ridiculous, like $1/month, you can support this podcast. It helps me with the cost of recording software, online storage, graphics software, editing software, and eventually, I’ll be purchasing some fancy microphones and shit.

Scott’s bio:

Scott Grantland is a former Methodist minister who grew up in Panama City Beach. After graduation, he attended seminary at Duke Divinity School in North Carolina. He worked as an associate minister for five years at First Methodist Pensacola. He has served the community in various ways, including participating in Leadership Pensacola. Currently, he is currently serving as a chaplain at Baptist Hospital in Pensacola, Florida.

You can connect with Scott here:



Curious C*nt Podcast – Ep 7: Healing with Herbs, Prosperity, & Pleasure

Expansive is the best word I can describe for this conversation and this beautiful being, Jacqui Lane. Her consciousness and mindset are global, universal, and ever-expanding.

We discuss lots of fun things including why her nickname is “Peaches”, her healing journey through trauma, working with yoni eggs and herbs, birth control, female sexual health in general, and prosperity!

Listen to the full interview here.

If you are curious about Jacqui, connect with her here:


Curious C*nt Podcast – Ep 8: Rebellious, Modern Dating with Andrea Hill

Andrea Hill is a rebel in today’s dating industry. She has created programs, services and espouses advice and guidance to help people consciously date better. Whether that be through her coaching business, Date by Design or through her heart conscious dating service, The Dinner Party, she strives daily to be a positive change maker in people’s romantic lives and in the industry she is so passionate about, dating – otherwise known as authentic loving human connection.

Andrea and I had lots of fun discussing the struggles and insights of modern dating and her unique approach to solving the problems we encounter in the age of online dating!

Listen to the full episode here.

Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, and her website.

Info on the course talked about in the show:


Consciously create the love you want in your life.

The Create Your Love Story series of programs were developed to provide you with the thoughtful steps and integrative know-how to create the kind of love life you desire and deserve.


12 weeks to powerfully release old limiting beliefs and stories that have been keeping you stuck and unfulfilled, and skillfully rewrite a love story that celebrates and supports all that you are and what you desire, and then finally, take the intentional steps to put it all into action. 

Create Your Love Story begins this  May 24th. Are you ready to create yours?

What some past participants have had to say about this work…

I have told people I know that this series is about deepening the relationship you have with yourself. The learning throughout this series awakens your awareness on multiple levels and also teaches you how to get out of your own way by discovering where we sabotage ourselves most in this area of love and dating in our lives. By deepening the relationship we have with ourselves it allows for deeper and more meaningful connections with others. Ultimately, this series aims to transform our dating experience into an enjoyable one instead of one of struggle and frustration.’~ Ellie

Never in my wildest dreams did I think the Create Your Love Story program would have the impact it did. It cracked me open in such a good way. It’s so much more than just about dating. It’s about the relationship we have with ourselves and looking at ourselves in a whole new way. I now understand my relationship patterns and what’s so cool is that in working with Andrea, we flip the old negatives into positives. I better understand what inspires me, the gifts I bring and understand the different ways we communicate. Andrea shares great tools and wisdom in the series and was incredibly generous by having guest speakers join us in each of the three programs. I highly recommend working with Andrea if you want a new perspective on approaching love and dating.‘ ~ Stephanie

To learn more and have the opportunity to claim your spot in the next program series, which begins this month, on May 24th, sign up here.


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