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“ Sex is powerful and dangerous”

It’s much like fire in that regard. But a fire tended to can warm even the coldest heart.

This is what our sexuality needs. It needs tending to. It needs to be nurtured and listened to and taken seriously. The reason why sex is shamed in our modern culture and has been shamed throughout the ages is because it has immense power.

Every one of us holds an incredible amount of power when we hold our sexual nature. In order to wield this power for the benefit of ourselves and the world, we must learn to work within the unique framework of our individual sexual nature instead of the extremes that are common: suppressing or ignoring it, trying to control it, or letting it control us.

This course is designed to help you get in touch with your own sexuality in a way that’s gentle, but direct. It will include:

  • Specific guidelines to help you define what your true desires are (sexual and otherwise)
    • When you know exactly what you want, you can communicate it clearly to others, thereby increasing your chances of actually getting what you want
  • Tools to help you tend your sexuality while navigating your relationships
    • Being able to create and manage all your boundaries ensures your needs are being met while still being compassionate and loving to your partner or partners.
  • Self-discovery in a safe, non-judgmental, loving environment
    • Digging deep into your sexual history and desires can be uncomfortable and revealing. This course provides a safe, healing environment in which to discover yourself, release shame, and live a healthy, sexual lifestyle.
  • Get in touch with your pleasure center
    • Learn to find pleasure with yourself through masturbation, self-touch, and self-love.

I want you to all experience the pleasure of receiving your desires! 

Watch this space for more info on this life-changing course and how to register! 

In the meantime,



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