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A self-discovery course on sexuality

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Hi, I’m Erin Roca.

I’m a sex coach and educator living in Florida. I love to help people get in touch with their unique sexuality through self-awareness practices and play. I love teaching people how to be curious and gentle with themselves in navigating the ups and downs of being human. I also love to swear, pet cats, and do practical magic. Read more about me here.

Sex is powerful and dangerous.

It’s much like fire in that regard. But a fire tended to can warm even the coldest heart.

This is what our sexuality needs. It needs tending to. It needs to be nurtured and listened to and taken seriously. The reason why sex is shamed in our modern culture and has been shamed throughout the ages is because it has immense power.

Every one of us holds an incredible amount of power when we hold our sexual nature. In order to wield this power for the benefit of ourselves and the world, we must learn to work within the unique framework of our individual sexual nature instead of the extremes that are common: suppressing or ignoring it, trying to control it, or letting it control us.

This course is designed to help you in a way that’s gentle but direct.

Guidelines to help you define what your true desires are

When you know exactly what you want, you can communicate it clearly to others, thereby increasing your chances of actually getting what you want.

Tools to help you tend your sexuality while navigating your relationships

Being able to create and manage all your boundaries ensures your needs are being met while still being compassionate and loving to your partner or partners.

Self-discovery in a safe, non-judgmental, loving environment

Digging deep into your sexual history and desires can be uncomfortable and revealing. This course provides a safe, healing environment in which to discover yourself, release shame, and live a healthy, sexual lifestyle.

Get in touch with your pleasure center

Learn to find pleasure with yourself through masturbation, self-touch, and self-love.

By  the end of this

course you will:

  • Feel confident in what you desire
  • Know how you specifically receive and feel pleasure
  • How to communicate your desires and pleasures to your partner(s)
  • Be able to talk about sex openly when it’s appropriate
  • Feel more pleasure and get more pleasure out of life
  • Set yourself up to receive what you want so when you do feel out of balance, you can find your way back.

desire + pleasure is a 6 week course. It will be delivered through email, but we will have lots of interaction on a private Facebook group. Every Thursday I’ll release a PDF and audio file with lessons and exercises. There will be 3 Facebook live sessions for Q&A. It is self-paced, so although there will be one lesson per week, you can take your time and do the work however and whenever feels appropriate to you. No matter what, you will have ongoing support from me and the group.


  • Week 1 Thursday, May 25
    Intro / desire & pleasure inventory / opposites / honoring the body
  • Week 2Thursday, June 8
    Mindful masturbation & touch / Pleasure meditation / desire and Higher Desire
  • Week 3 Thursday, June 15
    Desire and pleasure in all aspects of life / grieving past identities / responsibility / yin & yang yoga
  • Week 4Thursday, June 22
    Edging & connection
  • Week 5Thursday, June 29
    Transmuting the Profane into the Sacred (integration of above & below) / expansion on connection / dirty talk
  • Week 6Thursday, July 6
    Recap / celebrate

Live Q&A sessions (with replay available) TBA.

You are not required to participate at all in the Facebook group or share anything. There is no homework that needs be turned in. The course work can be completed at any time whenever you are ready, because our journeys are never linear but you will have access and support to the Facebook group forever. And when I offer the course again, you will receive all new material for free! 


Payment options

Enrollment is open May 7 through May 22, 2017

Pay in Full

  • One-time payment
  • Lifetime access to the course

Payment Plan

  • 6 easy bi-weekly payments of $74

  • Total course price: $444

  • Lifetime access to the course



Don’t just take it from me!

“In 6 months with Erin, I’ve been able to overcome a lifetime of guilt caused by feelings of unworthiness. I didn’t feel like I was worthy of attention and time from others, or anything for that matter. Erin made me feel safe to share my real self and helped me set myself free in the most creative ways. She always knew what to say and what path to put me on so that I could really dig deep and thrive. Erin has helped me become ready to accept all of the abundance life has to offer – and she’s the reason my energy will shine brighter and help me make a bigger impact on humanity!”

Rachael Abel

Life Coach

“Erin Roca, you’ve absolutely been a positive influence on my life. In the short time of knowing you, you’ve given me such incredible guidance and spiritual wisdom. The things you have shared have stayed with me and lift me up in times of self doubt. I am living like a Queen doing “Queen shit” and owning my talents more than ever. I value your input and look forward to working with you more in the future.”

Megan M.


“Some of the many things that I appreciate in working with Erin Roca on my spiritual path: I do not feel judged by her, I am able to share what I feel or think and not worry about her shaming or judging me. She is versed in many different techniques and does not try to fit every individual into the style of healing that she prefers, but has many different gifts that she can use to facilitate healing. She is willing to be with all the parts of life, the mundane and the transcendent, the light and the dark. It is for these reasons and more that I will continue to seek Erin’s wisdom and that I recommend you explore working with Erin.”

David B.

Yoga Teacher

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