​Happy Full Moon in Scorpio!

Scorpio is the sign of the zodiac associated with all things dark – obsession, death, sex, jealousy. These things might not seem worth pondering on the surface, but there are always two sides to everything.

The Scorpion symbol also represents regeneration, resilience, strength, and self-defense. It’s a water sign, indicating an ebb and flow of emotions. The full moon contains the brilliance of the reflected sun and is a mirror held up to the shadow of our humanity. So many mysteries hidden within the framework of these symbols.

What do they mean?

Under this big, bright (literally) but dark (figuratively) full moon, emotions run high surrounding sex, desire, death, obsession, and jealousy. This doesn’t automatically mean the negative impacts of these things must be indulged in. On the contrary, it’s a chance for us to reveal the root and the fullness of these themes. When we reveal our brokenness in these areas, we can shed light on how to heal.

What is eating at your heart tonight, dear one? What has obsessively taken over your thoughts? What desires preoccupy your brain? It’s here, in these raw spaces, that we can bask in the healing light of the full moon. The fullest expression of all this dark matter is power. Sex is power. Death is power. The power of these elements can be harnessed to foster intense transformation if we allow it. And this is the key: to allow it to happen, to receive its delicious healing.

Open up your heart and allow this healing to take place.

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