A reading & healing session, where we look at your astrology & energetic body in relation to your sex life (regardless of relationship status)!

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Custom healing

Depending on your unique situation, I pull from my healing tool box what will work best for you specifically!

Astrology as medicine

We’ll look at your full natal chart and pinpoint exactly how to best use your sexual power, as well as areas you may need healing in.

Intutive & relaxing

Using energy healing, at least half of our session will be spent in energy healing work, which will leave you feeling relaxed and energized!

What does a SexScope session look like?

When you schedule your session, you’ll give me your birthdate, time, and place so I have your natal chart handy when we talk. At our scheduled time, we’ll both hop on a Zoom video call (which can be recorded if you like) and chat for a few minutes about your current status – not just your sexual energy but all aspects of your life.

From here, I will be inuitively guided to choose any number of healing remedies including: tarot, oracle cards, Reiki, Theta, yoga, journaling. I never know what will come up in a session! Each client is different, with specific, individual needs.

 The next portion is the healing session, which will require you to be in a quiet, calm place where you can adeuqately relax, either sitting or lying down. I then use distance Reiki and Theta healing techniques to eliminate any draining energy and boost you up with vitality!

At the end of our session, I will likely give you some easy homework and questions to ponder to continue the healing work. You will end our session feeling relaxed, hopeful, and energized!

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What Clients Are Saying

(aka the intelligent, sexy people I have the pleasure of working with!)

“Erin has such a calming and happy presence. I felt so comfortable and so at home during our session. She dives deep into the things that she sees and it’s tailored FOR YOU. This is not a generic reading at all!”

Charneice Myria

“I had an awesome Sex Scope session with Erin last week. Not only was it super interesting, she gave me specific suggestions for healing, performed Reiki, and a much needed energetic divorce to help me move forward. Knowing more about the astrological perspectives inherent in my personality and how they impact my sexuality will now enable me to better use them to my advantage. How cool is that?”

Melissa Drake

Editor, Truthteller, and Coach

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