Some of the many things that I appreciate in working with Erin Roca on my spiritual path: I do not feel judged by her, I am able to share what I feel or think and not worry about her shaming or judging me. She is versed in many different techniques and does not try to fit every individual into the style of healing that she prefers, but has many different gifts that she can use to facilitate healing. She is willing to be with all the parts of life, the mundane and the transcendent, the light and the dark. It is for these reasons and more that I will continue to seek Erin’s wisdom and that I recommend you explore working with Erin.

David B.
Yoga Teacher, URU Yoga

In 6 months with Erin, I’ve been able to overcome a lifetime of guilt caused by feelings of unworthiness. I didn’t feel like I was worthy of attention and time from others, or anything for that matter. Erin made me feel safe to share my real self and helped me set myself free in the most creative ways. She always knew what to say and what path to put me on so that I could really dig deep and thrive. Erin has helped me become ready to accept all of the abundance life has to offer – and she’s the reason my energy will shine brighter and help me make a bigger impact on humanity!

Rachael Abel
Life Coach, Rachael Abel

Erin Roca, you’ve absolutely been a positive influence on my life. In the short time of knowing you, you’ve given me such incredible guidance and spiritual wisdom. The things you have shared have stayed with me and lift me up in times of self-doubt. I am living like a Queen doing “Queen shit” and owning my talents more than ever. I value your input and look forward to working with you more in the future.

Megan M.
Entrepreneur, Megan McGoldrick

Few people have the power to transform their lives and the lives of other as Erin does. Erin deals with magic, and when you work with her, you will find out that her magic is in her words, her actions, her attitude and her faith in everything she helps you with. She taught me confidence, she showed me a safe space to share thoughts, she assisted me in learning about myself and my true goals in life. And through each step on each one of those things, I could see and feel the magic that comes from her and transform people’s lives.

Felipe M.
Artist & Life Coach, TODO

Erin has brought so much joy and wisdom to my life since I began working with her. Her influence has inspired a great awakening of my soul, and inspired radical change in my life. Since working with Erin, I stopped simply dreaming and started rapidly manifesting (from a deeper source). The service she provides is a gift to the world, heaven sent. Thank you for all you do, Erin Roca! Sending love and blessings!

Kendra H.
Marketing Director, Passive Social

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