“To the sorcerer there is not much point in moments of primordial awareness if it does not carry over into the living levels of consciousness; no purpose to receiving the uncreated and clear light, if one cannot reflect it outward through world and deed; and no purpose in being a sovereign if you cannot leave the kingdom better than you found it.” – Jason Miller

To me, this is the place of perfect spiritual balance. It is not perfect, meaning blameless or without flaws, but it is perfect, as in “exactly as it should be”. As humans, we have a spiritual element, yes, but in discovering this metaphysical aspect of ourselves, we cannot leave our humanity behind.

We must join the earthly and divine parts of ourselves.

Most of my work and writing comes from a place of curiosity about this human condition.
As humans, we are constantly changing and striving and seeking. It is in our nature. It’s in our nature to be loving, kind, and generous. It’s in our nature to be selfish, mean, and arrogant. Being human is a contradiction in itself.

Our entire lives are spent working to maintain balance and spiritual homeostasis. Being human means to be JUST as we are. This includes growing and shrinking, expanding and compressing, progressing and regressing.

If through this process, we move through life with self-awareness and curiosity, we gain clarity.

Sometimes we mistake this clarity for “progress”, as if we’ve won some gold medal for figuring our humanity out. In reality, this clarity itself is the prize.

The awareness we have demonstrated all along is what makes us fully human.

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